Road Trip to Colorado

Traveling is my absolute favorite outlet. I love experiencing new places and meeting new people. I love seeing the world from a different perspective. Sitting at home the past couple of weeks has had me dreaming of our next trip, but unable to plan.(which is a form of torture for me) I have been scrolling through old photos of past trips and day dreaming about getting on a plane or in the car and going somewhere I have never been before. So, I figured I would share about some of my past trips. Who knows, maybe it will get my travel bug out? (probably not… it will probably make it worse, but whatever.) In today’s post I am going to talk about our road trip to Colorado in 2018. We made a little road trip out of our drive there and I cannot wait to share.

Once we hit the road, our first stop was Houston, Texas. It was only about a 3 hour drive to the Airbnb that we had booked. This Airbnb was the first and only shared Airbnb we have ever booked. Don’t let that statement fool you, we did have a good experience. Despite it being 10 p.m., we were greeted at the door by one of the nicest people I have ever met. She let us heat up our food in the kitchen while she shared her story of why she opened her home to Airbnb and how she had children our age. We ended up having the entire upstairs area to ourselves, which I liked. I feel like it may have been weird if other people were across the hall… mainly because we would have shared a bathroom with them.

We left early in the morning to hit the Hamilton pool in Dripping Springs, Texas. When we arrived, we sadly realized that we needed a reservation and we couldn’t get in. We searched the internet and found a nearby state park where we hiked to the most clear and beautiful river. We swam for hours and walked the rocky beach (I’ll leave out how painful the hot rocks were on my bare feet.) Once we were sunburnt and worn out, We made our way to The Family Business Beer Company.(Which was the real reason we took the long way to Colorado) The business was great. There was a live band and Jep Robertson actually had a food truck there for all of our food needs. We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed our new favorite meal, shrimp bruschetta. (bruschetta bread topped with jambalaya, topped with shrimp etouffee) Once we were done and ready for a nap, we headed to our Airbnb for the night. Tonight’s Airbnb was a beautiful and unique tiny home in Austen, Texas. (I had always wanted to stay in a tiny home, and we thought, “what better time?”) The tiny home was beautiful with a rustic feel and a cute little balcony to crawl out on. The only thing that did not excite be about it was that there were public bathrooms and showers that I had to walk to.

Our cute tiny home in Austin, Texas

The next morning, we left a sweet review in their guest book and we hit the road again. This time we had no actual destination. We were just going to drive until we got tired. Once we crossed the state line to New Mexico, we decided that we better start looking for a place to stay for the night. It was really hard to find a place because every place that we looked into was either booked or the prices were spiked because there was a UFO festival in the area for the weekend. (I am not even sure what that entails…) We settled on a motel on Route 66 thinking that Route 66 was something we would want to see. We were sadly mistaken. We showed up and the town looked like Radiator Springs (the town on the movie Cars) The whole town was abandoned and when we tried to find a restaurant, we quickly realized that all of the restaurants are in hotel lobbies. It felt really odd. We woke up really early the next morning and we were ready to bolt. We stopped in Albuquerque to pick up a few things from the Home Depot before making our way to Colorado. We made it around 11 pm and (as you know if you read our camping post) we ended up in the most beautiful campsite in the country, Big Molas Lake.

On our way back we made a couple of small stops. We stopped in New Mexico to see the blue hole. It’s a large natural spring in the middle of the desert.  Cody had always wanted to see it, so we figured that this would be the best time. It was not what we were expecting. It was full of people and we had no real desire to be there anymore once we saw it, but we had to at least jump in. So, we jumped…and it. was. freezing. 57 degrees to be exact! After jumping in and drying off, we got dressed and got back on the road. Our only other stop on our way home was Dallas, Texas. We stayed at a luxury apartment through Airbnb and we had a small walk around the city the next day. Our way back home was nothing major; we were pretty anxious to get back home because at this point, we had been gone for 2 weeks.

So, our trip to Colorado lasted us about 4 days and our trip back home lasted about 3 days. How did we stay sane? What did we do to pass the time? Usually I fall asleep as soon as the car starts, but I did not sleep a wink the entire ride and I did not drive the entire trip. So, how did I do it? Cody and I bought two audio books that we listened to the entire time. Somehow the books kept me so interested that hours would pass, and I would not even notice. (The scenery around us probably had something to do with me staying interested as well) We also only ate out for dinner. When on the road, I had our backseat made into a make-do kitchen. I had bags of chips, sandwich ingredients, fruit, snack cakes, and water for us to eat. (Yes, I did make a sandwich for my husband while driving down the road.)

This was another trip that we made on a budget. It was our first long road trip, but I still lookback and find all the memories good. If you ever decide to drive to a faraway location, I highly recommend that you make a stop every few hours to see some kind of landmark or restaurant that the town is known for. You never know when it will make a good story. 

Next time, I will be making a post about the time we actually spent in Colorado. It was so spontaneous, and we got to spend time with family. I can’t wait to share and maybe even inspire. Until then I hope you enjoyed reading about our road trip.

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