How I threw My Sister a Sweet 16: Games, Food, and Decorations on a Budget.

What does every girl think of when she turns 16 ? Yes , everyone thinks of driving around their 16th birthday, but girls specifically think about their sweet 16 party. It is actually something that most girls used to fantasize about. The car, the party, all of their friends and family, a huge celebration. Nowadays, it is less of a celebration and just turns into another birthday. I decided to change that for my sister. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing why I threw a sweet 16 for my sister, where we bought everything, and what we did during the party.

The idea came to me during a Monday night bible study. We were talking about our 16th birthdays and how we dreamed of a sweet 16 party that never happened or had a sweet 16 party that no one showed up to. We all shared one memory of our 16th birthdays, disappointment. I decided that my sister would not share that same fate. I began to plan that night. Ideas spun through my head and to pinterest I went. I texted her to let her know that I would be throwing a party and not to have plans.

Kaylee’s mom helped me out with the decorations while I was in charge of food and games and our dad was in charge of the cake. The cake was a red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. These cake always taste so good and they even hook you up with decorating it with your choice of decorations!

Our decorations turned out so good. Most of the decorations were from the online story: Shein or Amazon. We went with burgundy, gold, and pink as the color scheme instead of the typical pink and gold “princessy” colors because it fit my sister’s personality better. The balloon arch was made so easy with a balloon arch cheat that allows you to just poke the balloons into place and then drape it where ever you want.

The food was from all over. My sister requested Canes chicken fingers for dinner, which is what she got. I may have gone over board with the desserts. I picked up rice crispy treats with sprinkles, brownies, candy, and strawberries( that were supposed to turn into chocolate covered strawberries, but we aren’t going to talk about that) from walmart. The cake balls were from Candace’s Cake Balls. Candace is local and supplies the cake balls at the coffee shop I work for so I knew they were quality and the money was going somewhere local. I am pretty sure they can be shipped if you aren’t in the area, but they really are the best. Upon request, she even does specially designed ones !

Game time!! I love coming up with and leading party games (if you hadn’t already noticed.) I decided to do 3 games for this party. Why three? I wanted to entertain but not overwhelm. The prizes for the game were simple and they loved them: starbucks gift cards. They ended up being cheaper than anything else that I got them and what teenage girl doesn’t like starbucks?

The first game was a baby food taste test. The girls were told the names of all the baby food that I had bought. Then they all put a blindold on and took turns tasting. I had 10 flavors, but only made them taste 3 each. Each girl had 3 guesses for each flavor and for each one they guessed correct they got a point. Two of the girls tied, leaving them to go head-to-head in another round. My sister ended up winning the game. (and eating the baby food out of the jar willingly)

The next game was a blind makeup game. (Since there was an odd number, one of the girls that didn’t want to get her makeup done sat out.) The girls paired up and one girl put on a blind fold. I turned on a new song and they had until the song ended to do the makeup on their partner the best that they could. We did two rounds of the by letting the girls switch places in the second round.

The final game was ‘What’s in your overnight bag’ I left a picture of my template below. But the rules for this game was they each girl bring her overnight bag and go through it to see if they have any of the items. Each item is worth a certain number of points and once it is over, the points are added up to determine the winner. Kaylee came in second, one friend came in first with 25 points more and another came in third with 15 points less.( I made Kaylee pack a fake overnight bag before playing the game.)

We ended the night by watching Clueless and talking and laughing. Overall, I think it went well and now my sister won’t be in her twenties looking back at her sweet 16 with disappointment.

Thanks for reading along with me and I hope this gave you some fun tips for throwing a party for teens. Have a great week!

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