Valentine’s Day Gift Guides for Him & Her. (For the last minute couples)

I am a last minute shopper. I will admit it full heartedly. I will plan the perfect gift for a year, then forget to make the time to buy it until the week before. This one is for all my fellow last minute shoppers. Valentines Day is one week away. If you still don’t have a gift, I have you covered! Today I am sharing some great gifts that have exceptional turn around time (and just so no one feels left out I have included a list for guy gifts and girls gifts) We have no time to waste, so lets get started!



Anyone could tell you that girls love jewelry. If you didn’t already know that….well, now you do! You also don’t have to go all out spending hundreds on diamond jewelry. Most girls are good with the basics. Just stop at her favorite local boutique, the Kendra Scott store (if there is one near you) or check out @silassisterco & @c.cain_art on instagram (if you are near the Baton Rouge area) to find handmade earrings for a great rate. (and support local businesses) Basically as long as you don’t have to order the jewelry online, you will be able to get any of these pieces before Valentines.

2.Something Casual

Just get her something casual that she’s had her eye on and make a themed date around it. For example: If she has been needing some kitchen stuff, make her brunch, get her a Dash mini waffle maker, some nice serving spoons, and some groceries. Heck!! You could even get her to cook a romantic brunch with you if you think she would be into that.
only $11.99 at Target right now .

3. The Classic : Flowers

If she has work that day or night, go ahead and get flowers, her favorite snack, and (maybe even) her lunch delivered. Show her (and her coworkers) how much you love her. This, along with a dinner somewhere, could be all the gifts that your loved one wants this year.

4. Concert Tickets

So, concerts aren’t really happening right now, but plenty of artists are holding virtual concerts or have recorded concerts on youtube. Set up a cute picnic in the living room, back yard, or local park and spend that whole night jamming out to your favorite artist. You could even throw in a couple of band shirts to make it really feel authentic.

5. Personalized Food

Ha! It sounds weird, but just hear me out! So many people are learning how to do really cute custom cookies now. Find a local or check out @caseycambre on instagram for cookies. You can also get her favorite cakeballs from @candacescakeballs on instagram if that’s more her style. You can pretty much personalize anything you want .. even M&Ms. (Though I don’t think you’ll get those in time for this year’s valentines day).


Ladies, you can’t expect your man to be the only one buying a gift. Guys have to feel the love too. Also if you are thinking of doing a date, just go ahead and ask if he has made reservations or wants you to before you plan anything. It could ruin the day if you both have a date or whole day planned around 2 different things.

1.Outdoor Gear

I really don’t know a single guy that wouldn’t want something outdoorsy. You can go as small and cheap as a fishing shirt to as big as a kayak. The options are endless.

2. OOni Pizza Oven

Okay, this one is a little bit on the pricier side… but guys can be really hard to shop for! This pizza oven is great if your man is a pizza lover or enjoys cooking. It works so well and is super easy to transport if you want to take it camping.

3. Date night

Guys always plan the dates. You plan the date for once. Make sure it’s somewhere he enjoys eating or go do something he enjoys for the day (like fishing or gaming). Make the day all about him. (Believe it or not, guys actually don’t need much to feel like you love them).

4. Leave a surprise.

What ever you do, DO NOT leave a sticky note in his lunch box or surprise him at work with flowers. No indeed. That is not going to fly. Instead, have all those cute gifts waiting for him when he gets home. Go ahead and make him some bacon roses, have his favorite food and snacks waiting for him and maybe even a nice home cooked meal.

5. Couples Massage

Guys love massages and most likely, he needs one from working and picking up all the heavy stuff. Go ahead and make it a couples massage so you get something out of it too!

Last minute gift buying does not have to be stressful. Let this post spark some creativity and light a fire under you butt to plan the perfect valentines day.

If you need other last minute gift ideas, check out my other gift guides. They are all focused around being last minute or budget friendly! 

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