How We Knew RV Life Was For Us

“Y’all are crazy!” “How are you really going to pull this off ??” Statements that I’ve heard over and over since I started telling people about our plan to get an RV, live in it, and travel around the country full time. My only answer to these statements is, ” Yeah we are a little crazy and we have no clue how we are going to pull it off… but God does.” This was not a long time planned thing. A year ago this was no where on our radar, but here we are. Today I am going to walk you through the crazy process we went through and how we decided that RV life was for us.

Cody an I have always loved traveling. After our first mission trip we fell in love so hard that we thought we would be full time missionaries. (that could still be true, you never know what God has up his sleeve.) In 2016, I remember planning out our 10 year plan. We were going to do long term missions and eventually start our own organization. I was caught off guard when someone on our mission trip that year told us that our future was going to be different that what we were planning, but it was still going to serve God and the kingdom. I had no clue what that really meant (and still am not sure if I do.) I just remember thinking, ” So we aren’t going to get to do missions in Greece one day?” and I was a little bummed.

Fast forward and we got married. Reality started to take place. We had bills to pay, school to attend, money to make. We had way less time than we ever thought. We started settling. I was planning on graduating and then getting a house. Long term travel was no longer in the picture. I just wanted stability. Just like all the other small chapters of our lives, the chapter of becoming adults and being unstable ended.

In August of 2019, we were planning on spending the summer of 2020 in Spain. I threw out another crazy idea.( I have lots of them, but most don’t happen) ” Why don’t we spend a year there?!” Cody said I was crazy and getting a visa would be too difficult but we still threw around the idea of spending 3 months there. We just weren’t sure if it would be during the summer or in the fall. These plans came to a very sudden halt when COVID hit.

Everywhere was locked down and we saw no hint to when things would begin to open again, much less when we would be able to safely travel abroad. I began to look for houses. I wanted a change. I just wasn’t sure what kind of change.

Here’s a little fun fact about me: I have always felt like a homebody. I told myself that I don’t like change. I don’t like to move. I want a place to call mine and that is all I need. I was wrong in every single way… and I am somehow just now seeing this. We were in our first home for 6 months before I decided I wanted to move. We were in our second home for less than a year when I pitched the Spain idea. I am realizing that change is no issue to me. I do love being around family… but family can come to me and I can always come back to them. I am fine going where ever… as long as Cody is with me. (sounds sappy, but it’s true.)

Anyways, I was looking at houses. We even tried to buy a fixer upper in Ponchatoula, but our credit wasn’t where it needed to be yet. I had no clue at the time, but not getting this house was a God send. I started looking at potential houses in Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Hawaii. I just couldn’t find peace about any of the places I was looking into. Them I had (yet another) crazy idea… We should get a camper and travel for a few years!!! Cody was not on board. The price was way more than he thought acceptable. He was concerned about money. He didn’t know about leaving our family. Lots of factors went into our thoughts on if we should stay or just go! I couldn’t explain it, but I just had an easy feeling about this one.

I didn’t say another word about it. I just prayed that night while Cody was in the other room. I remember telling God that if this was just another one of my crazy ideas to let it pass. I wasn’t ever going to mention it again. If it was something that He had placed on my heart and this was His plan for my life, then let Cody agree to it, but I was not going to interfere by talking about it. Without saying another word, the first thing Cody said when he woke up was, ” Do you really want to get a camper?” Cody had no clue about my conversation with God at this point, but the fact that those were his first words to me confirmed that this was, in fact, God’s plan.

As time went on, Cody started to doubt it. He was getting nervous about leaving and being financially stable and all the other things that are completely normal to worry about, but I knew this was our calling.

In August, we took a one month road trip through Colorado while tent camping. This was where Cody really jumped on board with the camper idea. He said, ” This is life. This is living. This is where we are happiest. On the road, exploring new places.” That trip sealed the deal.

When we got our stimulus checks, we used them to pay off all of our debt. (except our credit cards) We spent the next few month restraining from traveling and working our butts off. We got our credit up a substantial amount, got the loans and by early December, ( a month before our lease was up) we had the camper and truck.

We aren’t sure what the future holds. We don’t really have a plan. We are just living in the moment and looking into all the options possible for income on the road. We are excited for this journey and where it is going to take us. Make sure to follow along. Our first big trip kicks off soon and I will make sure to to write all about it, vlog about it, and constantly update Instagram. Thanks for all the support!

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