My Top 10 Favorite Trends for Summer 2021

Spring is here and summer is quickly following. Say good-bye to the cold weather and hello to warm, sunny summer days. Hallalujah! Am I right?! Fun fact, I am 1000% a warm weather gal. I thrive when I can feel the hot sun beating down from above. I know I am more of a travel/ RV living blog, but I love clothes as much as any other girl. So, today I am sharing some of my favorite summer styles. Keep in mind that I have super limited closet space in our camper, but all of the styles I am sharing are either already in my closet or I plan to have them in there this summer. (I’ll let you know.)

1.Bucket Hats

I know this is a 90’s trend, but I have been obsessed. So, it made it to the top of my list. Every time I see one I just think of fun colors, warm weather, and sitting on the beach. I don’t have one yet, but it is in my future. (& it will be some kind of fun color or tie dye!)

2.Biker Shorts with Crop Tops

Any crop top. Cropped hoodie, t-shirt, tank top. I am loving it. I currently own all of the above and this look is one of my go to’s for a casual day out, a day at the park, or an evening walk. (I am not going to lie. I stay in my pajamas if I am inside, but if I didn’t this combo would be perfect for cozying up in the house all day.)

3.One-Piece Swimsuits

I am so happy that brands have started producing cute one-pieces. I have always felt pretty awkward in a swim suit and (to be honest) am just now really getting comfortable with it. Having a cute one piece as a staple in my closet is so helpful because no matter how bloated or chunky I am feeling, I can always grab that suit and a cute pair of shorts and feel confident again.

4.Platform Sandals

Are these even still in? I don’t now about the rest of the world, but that’s a yes from me. I have actually found that I love pairing my platform sandals with my mom jeans most. These sandals are such a fun way to feel tall and cute without having to struggle in heels all day. You can easily dress this shoe option up or down and be ready to go for just about anything. (No more taking your heels off on the dance floor.)


This has been a summer trend obsession for me for years. Every summer I buy a new, beachy anklet that stays on all summer. Something about having that extra accessory on just screams beach vibes to me. You can choose between an elegant one to pair with a nice outfit for a wedding or date or you can go with a more boho one to wear out to the beach or the river.

6. Ring and Bracelet Stacks

I have always loved a good stack. Get a few bright colored bracelets together, throw in some leather ones, or make your personality shine through your jewelry. Pura Vida is one of my favorite places to get new additions for your ring or bracelet stacks. (You can get 20% off by using my code: OLIVIAHARRINGTON20) They have every option from gold, dainty ring to bold, boho bracelet. I also love Made By Mary if you are looking for a place with elegant, high- quality rings to create a ring stack.

7.One Shoulder Swimsuits

I was a little skeptical at first. How would it stay up in the water? I am here to assure you that it does. It is perfect if you are wanting the sassy, elegant look of a strapless swim suit, but you still need support. My 1 shoulder is currently my favorite suit and I have my eye on a few more suits with this style.

8. Midi Dresses

There is something about a flowy midi dress that makes me want to go run barefoot through a meadow. These dresses can be paired with tennis shoes to create a more casual look or with heels or platform sandals to go to a wedding, church, or tea. I have been eyeballing a few of these to add to my closet this spring or summer. They are also perfect for layering to create new outfits. (Which is a huge plus for me… let pieces, but more outfits? A must when living in a camper.)

9.Big Earrings

I have never been a big earring person. And have been too scared to buy a big pair. (It’s just an irrational fear of mine) but I love the look of them and will cheer on anyone brave enough to wear them. (Maybe one day I will be that brave.) I’ve been sticking to the smaller versions of the big looks I like . Haha . I have been loving the big earrings made of clay and one of my friends makes some beautiful, custom ones . (Go check her out on Instagram @c.cain_art) Although I haven’t mustered up the courage to wear big earrings myself, I love the sassy look that they add an outfit.

10.High Rise Denim Shorts

I will never get enough of these. They can be dressed down or up and can even just be paired with a swim suit and still be cute. A good pair of high rise denim shorts are a must-have staple article of clothing in my book. I recently got a distressed pair from target and have been practically living in them. I am going to leave a link for the 2 pairs I own and then a few more that I have my eye on.

All of the links to my favorite products, the products that I pictured, and other great summer looks are below with pictures. Grab you some great new summer accessories and go book you a beach trip…. you deserve it! Thanks for reading along.

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