Tips and Tricks For Traveling with Dogs

We love to travel, but leaving our pups behind is really hard. I absolutely hate dropping my dog off to be boarded and it breaks my heart to see them watching me drive away after I drop them off at a family member’s house. So, when we can (before we got the RV), we take them with us. Today I am going to give you some of my best tips to make traveling with your pup easier.

1.Do Your Research

Make sure that your destination is pet friendly. Check out some of the local restaurants, areas, your hotel or airbnb, and activities in the area. You don’t want to get all the way to your destination to find out you have nothing to do with your pet and no where to keep him/her.

2. Bring A Cage

This is a must… no matter how well-behaved your dog may be. The kennel is a life-saver for those long road trips. Dogs love car rides, but they also get antsy after a while. A kennel is the perfect way to make sure that your pup doesn’t get the zoomies while you’re on the road. Kennels are also almost always required when staying in an Airbnb or hotel with your pup. (Even if you know your dog is the most gentle thing and would never hurt a fly, the cleaning services do not know that and will not let a free-roaming dog fly.) It’s also a really easy way to keep your dog in the hotel room while you go out for a few hours without worrying if they are tearing the place to shreds. We also like to bring a cage to keep our dogs after they go swimming. Dogs can get smelly and dirty after a trip to the beach or river. The cage ensures that the filth is maintained.

3. Get a Portable Water Bowl

I am leaving the link for this down at the bottom. It is a life saver. Before we got this we would struggle to give Zoey water on long trips. I remember trying to “fountain” the water from the bottle to her mouth without her licking it and getting water EVERYWHERE. It was a nightmare. This thing has been so useful. It fits in the cup holder of your vehicle and has a lock so the button can’t accidently be pushed and release water everywhere. It is super easy to clean and re-fill. All I have to do when my dogs want water in the car now is unlock the bottle, push the button, and let them drink to their heart’s content.

4. A Leash

If you forget your dog’s leash, you are going to be in some major trouble. It’s best that you just stop at a store and buy a new one. Without a leash you won’t be able to bring your pup anywhere or let them go to the bathroom during a long car ride. (TRUST ME!) leashes are super important and keep your doggos safe. Don’t neglect them or take them for granted. Another thing to keep in mind is that most parks and trails don’t allow you to have a dog off of a leash, so even if you aren’t going far, it is probably best to keep a leash with you at all times.


Bring dog toys. Something for them to chew on. Anything. Even if your dog doesn’t normally chew on toys, you are going to need something to keep them entertained during the car ride and at the hotel. It’s always best to make sure they don’t start chewing on stuff. Sometimes being in the car for too long or being in an unknown area can be stressful on a dog and cause them to chew even when that’s not a normal behavior for them. So, having toys as a backup plan is great and can possibly help save you from hotel/ Airbnb damage fees.

6.Have Activities Planned

If you are going to bring your dog on a trip, make sure you have activities planned that will include them. They didn’t want to ride in a vehicle that long just to sit in a cage in a weird place every day. I am not saying that everything you do has to include your dog. Go out to eat, go white water rafting, whatever you want. Just set aside something every other day or even a small walk every day to let them enjoy the trip as well. We love bringing our dogs out to eat with us (just make sure the weather is nice because you will be out on the patio). Going on hikes is also something fun that you and your dog can enjoy together.

7.Make Sure Your Dog is Quiet

Whether you are camping, staying in a hotel, or Airbnb, a loud dog is usually not welcomed by guests. People will ask you to leave if your dog is a nuisance just like they would if you were up being loud at all hours of the night. If you do have a loud dog, ask your vet about ways to calm them down at night.

8. Account For Your Pup

What does this even mean? Think about your pup just like you think about yourself. Bring the portable water bottle and extra water for your dog if you go on a hike. Dogs get thirsty too and need to stay hydrated just like their humans. Also, make sure you bring enough snacks and food for them so they will be set no matter where you go.

I know most of these lists go to a number like 5 or 10, but bringing your dog on trips with you really doesn’t require 10 tricks. They are pretty easy going as long as they have their human with them. Just keep an eye on them and remember to show them attention. They will be happy no matter where you go.

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Here’s the link for that water bottle:

It really is a blessing. it even has a wrist strap for easy carrying on a walk, hike, in the car, or where-ever else you are headed.

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