5 Fun Things To do Around Gulf Shores When you Aren’t On The Beach.

There are so many fun things to do in the Gulf Shores. Most people go to enjoy the beaches, but when you aren’t on the beach, don’t think you have to stay cooped up in your hotel room. Here are 5 fun things we found to do in the area.

The Drowsy Poet :

The Drowsy Poet was such a cute and fun coffee shop to visit. It’s in the heart of Foley (about 20 minutes from Gulf Shores’ beaches) but there are tons of fun things to do in Down Town Foley after you go grab coffee.


I loved the atmosphere of this little local coffee shop. The walls were white and the windows had no covering, letting all of the natural light pour in. I also liked that there were 2 rooms. There was one room that included the merchandise, the barista work space, and a little extra seating. The other room was full of seating and had a book shelf and lots of games. I liked this set up because it allows people to have a space to hang out and be a little louder while also offering space for people that are planning to work and make phone calls. They offered all kinds of different games… which makes this an ultimate girls coffee night or couples coffee date location.


The service was amazing. The baristas greeted us as soon as we walked in the door and as we were leaving. They also had quick service. I noticed that both of our drinks were done before we had even finished paying.


I got a tiramisu iced latte. It was so difficult to choose what flavor I wanted because they had so many unique flavors (I knew this was for the blog, so I wanted to try flavors that I don’t normally see at coffee shops). My top 3 options were all on the “Locals” menu: bananas foster, bushwhacker, and tiramisu. It was a difficult choice, but I wasn’t upset with what I chose. The initial presentation of my latte was beautiful. They even did the chocolate powder on top. (as a former barista, I appreciate this extra step being taken) The latte had great flavor if you are into a sweeter coffee (I am all about the sweets, so I loved it!)

Bike around Gulf State Park:

We loved the bike rides . We originally showed up to go for a short walk with Maggie, but found some free bikes. Once we tried them with my dad, we knew it would be a fun way to spend our days since it was too cold to enjoy the beaches.

The bikes were ran off of the Bloom app. We did have some technical difficulties at first , but the bikes were free (so we couldn’t really complain) and it was a great way to exercise and explore the park.

You can also choose the difficulty and length of your ride. If you are looking for a quick ride to the beach, there is a way to get there in a few short minutes. If you are trying to make a day out of this and see the beach at the end(because maybe it’s too chilly to spend the whole day at the beach) you can take the long route with is about 25 miles.

Papa Roccos :

This little hole in the wall restaurant is easy to pass up. But the food and the environment is so good that you will make it one of your go-to restaurants for every family beach trip to come.

It is a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant . The have some amazing pizzas and their oysters are also delicious. When we went, the was a live musician and the entire place had a small town family charm.

I have come to Gulf Shores almost every summer of my life and somehow have never been here. Don’t miss an opportunity to get some authentic, local Italian food and show a small business restaurant your love.

Gulf State Park Pier:

This pier is great if you are trying to spend the day at the beach without staying on the beach the entire day . You can stop by the pier to take a little walk with a view or grab a bite to eat. It is also a great place to go fishing if you are into that. The restaurant on the pier serves a watermelon beer that tastes like a jolly rancher and was a hit for all of us and their pizza did not disappoint.

Flora Bama:

We didn’t get a chance to stop by the Flora Bama on this trip, but it is such a fun place to go . I think everyone should experience it at least once. If you are looking for somewhere to bring your dog, they allow dogs on the bottom floor because it is all beach. But, there are also multiple floors with multiple dining areas and each of them has a different live band playing. If you are 18 or older and are visiting gulf shores put this on the top of your list. It is perfect for a girls night out or a casual, fun date night.

So, there isn’t a ton to do in Gulf Shores, but the food and the coffee are enough for me to enjoy…. especially if you are adding the beach to the mix. Don’t let the cool weather bum you out. Take time to see some of the things this area has to offer. You can fill in the gaps of your trip by visiting any of these 5 great places. I hope you found something that you hadn’t heard of before and this post sparks your interest to explore the areas you visit a little more often.

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