Fun, Budget-Friendly Girls Night Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love a good girls night. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but just getting together with my friends for a night is always so fun and I look forward to it so much. (It’s also a great way to see most of your friends at one time if you and your friends have super busy schedules.) The only obstacle I tend to face after proposing a girls night is what to do to make sure we have a fun night without spending a fortune. So, today I am going to share my top go-tos for a fun, budget friendly girls night.

1.Paint Party

paint party essentials: paint brushes, canvas, multiple paint colors.
paint essentials: Paint, canvas, and multiple brush styles.

This can really be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. Go all out and buy the nice canvases, a large variety of paints, and multiple paint brush sets if you aren’t worried about cost. Or make it more about the experience and having fun: Get the cheap canvases, a handful of colors, and share one or two sets brushes. Just add some snacks and wine and you are sure to have a good time.

2. Build Your Own Pizza Night

Even if you don’t have a pizza oven, everyone will enjoy this . You can find an easy, home-made dough recipe or just buy store bought dough. (they sell it in packs of two on the pizza sauce aisle at most grocery stores.) Fill your counters with a variety of toppings (even some dessert toppings would be good.) and let everyone create their own masterpiece. Then gather around the table for girl talk or a fun movie while you each enjoy your creations. If you really want to get fun with it you can mix and match by sharing a slice of your new pizzas with each other.

so easy and you can get as creative or chill as you want to with this. Order a pizza or make your own charcuterie board!

3. Movie Night or Game Night

This is probably the easiest and most relaxing activity for the whole group, but it is also the least unique. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a good time, though. Go ahead and have your girls vote on the movie ahead of time so you aren’t wasting hours picking something after everyone shows up. Also, don’t just pick one yourself, because you may pick one that everyone else doesn’t find interesting or some people dislike. Nothing can ruin a fun night, like a bad movie. Once the movie is picked out, go ahead and gather up some popcorn and everyone’s favorite movie snacks. Don’t forget to have an assortment of blankets so everyone can feel cozy while watching the screen.

If you are wanting to get out of the house and have more of a girls night out than a girls night in, here are a few budget friendly options for you to try.

picnic ideas. spring picnic at the park.

1.Picnic at the Park

This is such a fun and cute idea in the fall or spring. (Or even on a Summer evening) You can all bring your own food, or just have one of you “host” and make enough food for the whole gang. Make sure you bring one large blanket, or everyone brings their own. You can even add a fun activity to this like painting pumpkins, playing a sport, or even make this a fun way to study if you all have a big test coming up.

2.Get Coffee and Go Window Shopping (or Just Shopping)

This is one of my favorite things to do. Coffee. I can never turn it down and getting coffee with friends can be a great way to catch up in the morning or evening. (I tend to get carried away and stay for a few hours when I hit the coffee shop with friends) If you have a cute, local coffee shop nearby, this could also be a great way to try a new place. After you both have had your snacks, sipped your coffee for a while, and caught up, take the rest of your coffee to go and either window shop or really shop (depending on your budget.)

3.Find a cheap/free Local Event in Your Area

I know some towns just stink and don’t really have anything great to do… like ever, but for the most part somewhere near you has something going on… at least one day out of the year. Most small towns will have a little festival. (around here, we have a parade for nearly every holiday… not just for Mardi Gras).Go to it. They are usually free to attend, you just pay to buy stuff there. If you are broke, just walk around and make memories with your friends. You will have a blast no matter how much you spend as long as you’re surrounded by the right people.

These are just a few fun ideas that I love to do with my friends and all of these ideas are pretty cheap and affordable. Of course finding things to do with friends is easier the more money you are willing to spend, but I have found (this at least stands for 20- somethings) that the more money is involved, fewer people are willing to come. So, plan your night, pump your friends up about it, and enjoy yourself. Friends don’t usually care about the event or activities anyways. I know when my friends get together we usually spend about 80% of our time talking and catching up before we finally get to doing whatever we planned. Thanks for reading along!

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