How We Told Our Family We Were Pregnant

Our Easter Surprise Baby Announcement for family members

At the end of February, we set off on our first big adventure in the camper: one month in Gulf Shores, Alabama. About 5 days before we planned to return home to Louisiana, we found out we were pregnant. This was honestly the best way to find out. We had a little time to ourselves to soak it in and then we got to share the news with family not long after. By the time we told everyone, I was ready to tell the world. I know we had found out any sooner, our family would have found out over the phone and any later, I would have spilled the beans right away.

We returned the day before Easter. I was determined to tell the family in a cute way (since I missed out on that with Cody) and with a holiday here, I wanted to work it into the announcement. So, before we left Alabama, we went to Walmart to see what we could put together. There, we found these really cute plastic eggs in blue and pink that were stuffed with candy, So we loaded down the buggy full and included the baby binks chocolate bunnies to add a little touch of something with the word baby.

One of the many Baby Binks that tragically melted before we got the gifts out.

When we got home, I got to work on the gift bags. I tore the labels off of the eggs and wrote cute Easter/ baby puns on them. For example: some said, “Some BUNNY is having a baby”, others said, “We are Egg-specting”, “Baby Harrington is hatching 2021”, and “We are adding a peep to the family.” I added a personal note on the eggs as well, placed them in their bags that I had labeled with their names, and stuffed them full of Easter grass.

Sadly, on the way home, most of the baby Binks melted and had to be removed from the bags.

We got home on April 3rd, 2020. We parked the camper in the front yard at Cody’s parents house, so we figured we would let them know first as soon as we got home. I felt like I was already showing and it was going to be impossible to hide.

Cody’s side of the family after we told them on Easter

First , we told Cody’s mom and sister. (He told his dad earlier that day over the phone). Cody came in with the bags and gave them to Bella and his mom. Cody’s mom looked like she was about to be in tears. Bella read her egg and turned around with a red face and huge grin and just said, “really??” I just nodded. Honestly I was about to be in tears I had been so excited and nervous this whole time. We stayed over for a while, but by the time we were leaving they were already discussing what they were going to be called.

On Easter, we told Cody’s grandfather, my dad, Cody’s sister, my sister, and my brother during Easter lunch, after church. I felt like it was going to be pretty obvious since I was carrying so many gift bags, but I guess we got lucky with it being a holiday and we had been gone for a while. (We just told everyone we got them little Easter gifts since we had missed them so much.) We made everyone open the gifts at once… which is already really obvious in my eyes, but no one saw it coming.

My family on Easter after we made the pregnancy announcement.

My dad had no words, just closed lips that looked to be holding back a smile and tears. All I could do was laugh and nod because my hormones were going crazy and I was about to cry. My sister (to my surprise) didn’t scream. She had been asking about this baby since we got married. I had been preparing myself for her to make a scene in that restaurant. My brother just sat with his mouth dropped open, speechless. Cody’s sister, Lila had been the first at the table to notice. She had actually opened it so fast that no one else even had theirs open before she said, “No way!” Cody’s grandfather didn’t get the phrase we put on his egg, so we had to verbally tell him. Ha! His egg read, “You’re just that great!” He is pretty excited to become a great grandfather, though he says it ages him.

The “Easter” card we gave my grandma. No wonder she was a little confused.

We made a trip to Crosby, Mississippi to tell my grandma the following weekend. We got there pretty late, and she had waited on us before eating. But, we wanted to share the news before eating because we just couldn’t wait. So I gave her the early Easter gift and told her that she had to open the card first. When she opened it, you could tell that she thought the card was odd. It wasn’t necessarily an Easter card and this was supposed to be an Easter gift, but when she opened it, she understood. We had a copy of the ultrasound folded up inside with a little note that read “Baby Harrington coming December 2021”. She just looked at us with her mouth wide open out of excitement and then smiled. I had been recording and had to stop filming to go in and hug her. lol. We also included the baby’s first toy in her gift bag, which was a stuffed cat that played music when wound up…. you would have to know my grandma to know why that was a perfect gift.

The following week we took my other grandparents to lunch at P Beau’s. My grandfather had recently had a surgery, so after we finished our meal, I gave him a little envelope and said it was a get well soon card. His grandparent name is Grandude, so the front for the card read “You are Great Grandude!” A copy of the ultrasound was in his card and he looked at it for a while. I could tell he was confused, but I wanted to see if he would catch on. His wife, my Nana Angie, knew from the moment he opened it, so she was excitedly talking to me. Grandude interrupted the conversation to say, “What is this?” I had to hold back how much I really wanted to laugh, but Angie explained to him that it was an ultrasound picture and that.s when he caught on. (You also have to realize that the baby looked more like a dot on a piece of than a baby at this point, so it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t catch on.)

That’s just some little snippets of what how telling our close family went. I loved spilling the beans a little bit to our family and letting the baby be our little secret. It was so fun and such a special, exciting time. But, I am also so happy the world knows now and I am free to post or say what I want without having to hide anything.

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