The Inside Scoop on Our Luau Gender Reveal Party

From the beginning of the pregnancy, I knew I wanted to do a gender reveal party. For years I had been watching videos and tearing up with families as they found out what their newest edition was going to be. I had to talk Cody into the party a little bit (he wasn’t on board with finding out when everyone else finds out), but once he realized how important it was to me, he quickly jumped on board.

D-I-Y burlap board made by my M-I-L displaying all of the ultrasound pictures we had collected so far.

So, the planning began. I started planning ideas and searching Pinterest for the cutest themes. I wasn’t really into the blue vs pink theme. I wanted something more fun and festive. Cody randomly suggested a luau and I fell in love with the idea. So, along side my mother-in-law, we planned a luau gender reveal.

I chose to send virtual invitations through text, I felt like this would be easier for us and guests to keep up with and we wouldn’t have to worry about the postal service taking so long to send everyone’s invitations out. (plus, we wouldn’t have to collect addresses… I love technology sometimes) I used the evite app to make my virtual invitations and I usually just screenshot the final product after I finish the edits, so that when I send them out, guests don’t have to open a strange link to receive the invitation.

Cody’s mom bought most of our decorations on Amazon. We found some of the cutest things for great prices. I’ll try to link as much as I can… or similar items if I can’t find the exact matches.

the decorating process took us two full days. If you want to save yourself a lot of stress I recommend 2 things. 1) The thing we did not do: Give yourself 3 days or more to decorate, leaving only the really small things for the day of. By really small things I mean cleaning touch-ups, putting out the outside decor, and setting out the food. (still go ahead and prepare the food before the day of) . 2) Plan your party for later in the day. Our party began at six (you don’t have to plan for that late in the day but…). The later your party is, the more time you have during the day to apply final touches and account for unplanned problems.

We started the decorating process the day before by working on balloon arches. 5 balloon arch kits were ordered and that gave us enough materials to make 4 really full arches. Then later that night, after everyone was off of work we started to tackle the major decorating tasks. We hung 2 of the balloon arches. Hung up the decor for a photobooth wall, got the furniture placed correctly, wrote on chalk boards, and began inflating pool floats.

My brother, sister, dad, and me before the big reveal.

The day of, we got to sleep in a little bit (which probably wasn’t the best option considering how little decorating and preparing we had done, but you live and you learn.) We started the day by touching up the stuff that had fallen down overnight. Then we hung up the other balloon arches, set up the sign-in table, finished inflating the pool floats (I also tied pink and blue lais around each of the duck inflatable’s necks since the party was luau themed), and we set up the chairs outside. Around 2 p.m., I took a break to get my nails done while my in-laws went grocery shopping for the food. They returned at 4 and all that was left to do was cook, set out food on the tables, and set up the outdoor games. The last few hours leading up to the party were stressful (I wasn’t finished getting ready until 20 minutes after the party started.), but it was all worth it in the end.

Another thing I am so happy that I did was hire a photographer. I didn’t reach out to a professional because I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a small party, but I found someone with a camera that was willing to stay the entire time, stay on a budget, and get the pictures to me fast. It took alot of stress away from myself and our guests. No one had to worry about getting pictures. And she did a fabulous job. She was so sweet and caught some awesome moments.

Cody’s parents, sisters, and us before the big reveal.

The party itself went so smoothly. It did begin to rain around 6, but everyone had no problem piling into the house and enjoying their food indoors. Once the rain settled, we all dispersed outside to sit poolside, play yard games, and mingle before the big reveal.

Our reveal was scheduled for 7:30, so around 7:15 I took a chance to use the bathroom (because how embarrassing would it be to pee out of excitement when the gender is revealed?!) , I set up the facebook live so that all of our family and friends who couldn’t make it would be able to celebrate along with us from their homes, and we got into position.

My cousin had to teach us how to use the confetti cannons and I was nervous about seeing the gender color before the actual explosion, so I had my cannon heald as straight and high as I possibly could. As our guests counted down, “3..2…” I tightened my grip, studied the direction that I needed to twist each hand, and planted my feet firmly on the ground. “1” , the countdown ended. I closed my eyes and twisted as hard as I could. When I opened my eyes, pink smoke filled the air and pink confetti flakes were raining down. It took me a second to register… WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!! I screamed and hugged Cody and then the overwhelming feeling hit me. What do I do next? I was in shock. A little girl. I wanted to cry tears of joy, but heald it in because I hate crying in front of people, so I decided to mingle and hug our family members.

Then, we spent the rest of the night swimming, hanging out, and having the time of our lives with some of our closest friends. This was truely a day I will never forget. It was a day full of emotion and overwhelming joy.

If you are considering a gender reveal, I highly recommend it. It can be as big or as small of a party as you like, but around here we go big on every celebration. Do what is best for you and don’t forget to take in every moment.

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