10 Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Camper that Will Improve your Experience

We have lived in a camper for 10 months now. We have also tagged along on a few camping trips with family members in their campers. One thing that I noticed when we went with other people is that there was always at least 1 moment where we didn’t have something we needed. Yes, you know you need a sewer hose, levels, and toilet paper, but there are also so many things that just slip people’s mind when packing. They would be better off just keeping it in their camper at all times. So, here is my list of 10 items that you should keep in your camper at all times, whether you are living in it or just use it to vacation.

Hard Plastic Plates, Cups, and Bowls:

I say hard plastic specifically because you won’t have to worry about them breaking when your rig is in tow. You can find some quality ones at walmart or target for only 50 cents per items (sometimes they are even on sale for 10 cents!) That means you can probably get all of the dishes your family needs and spend under $10.

I also opt for these more than paper products (unless you are boondocking) because it limits waste in your camper and insures that you have a plate to put your food in no matter how hot it is.

Pots and Pans:

Even if it’s a cheap set from the dollar store, buy them and keep them in your camper! Trust me, these will come in handy when you are on vacation, have a meal planned, and you realize that you forgot the pot to cook with. You won’t ever have to worry about that moment, because even if you have that brief moment of stress, you will remember that you have a set that stays in the camper at all times.

This set will mainly come in handy if you are on a longer trip and planning on cooking food inside. (Such as spagetti, or even Maccaroni)

Silverware (including measuring spoons and cups) :

Another thing that should be obvious. These items can be looked over and forgotten so easily and they will really effect your trip for the worst if you do forget them. Just think of all the things you use silverware for. Imagine trying to cook all of your meals without a measuring spoon, measuring cup, or stirring spoon. Think about sitting down to eat and not having the utincels to eat your meal with. These items are used and under-appreciated so often, but when you are in need and have no fork in sight, you will quickly come to appreciate them.


My dad quickly found out how useful these are. When you cook in a camper, it is so nice to have left overs that you can reheat for the group for lunch or for dinner another night (to save you from cooking two nights in a row and because cooking in a camper can be a pain due to limited space), but when you don’t have tupperware to store the food in, that food usually goes to waste because it didn’t store well. Just go ahead and be smart and kind to your future self. Save time and money by buying a small, cheap set of tuppaware to keep in the camper.

Pillows and Blankets for Every Bed:

This doesn’t mean they all have to be quilts and down comforters. Even if it’s just a large throw blanket, it is necesary and will better your camper experience . It ensures that no one experiences a cold or uncomfortable night. Not all people you invite camping will remember to bring a blanket. I am guilty of setting my blanket with my things and still leaving it when we head out for the trip. Even if you don’t have the most comfortable blankets, any guest will be thankful that you have something for them to cover up with if they forgot their own. These will also come in handy if you are camping in colder weather. Just layer up on your blankets to get a cozy night’s sleep.

Bath and Beach towels, Hand towels, and Wash Cloths:

You will not realize how much you need these things until you don’t have them. Just keep 2-4 of each of each item in your camper. Keep them as extras in case someone forgot one or as the main towel if you are going on a short trip by yourself. Having these towels handy will be useful after a shower or a swim, after washing your hands, and even during your shower with washing up. And they can always easily be unloaded for a wash and put right back in .


I cannot stress this enough. Especially if most of your traveling is done in the South. Not only will a dehumidifier make your camper so much more comfortable for you and anyone joining you, but it will also prevent molding. (When it is too humid for too long in a camper, it can cause mold to form on/in your mattress, wood, and cushions.)


Do not try to remember every cooking ingredient you are going to need for your trip. You are bound to forget something and have to drive pretty far out of the way to go buy it or just eliminate the meal all together. Keep the items you use most regularly in your camper at all times. (Ex: for Cody and I these items would be garlic and onion powder, flour, noodles, salt, pepper, and cajun seasoning).

Dish Soap and a Sponge:

You are going to be in quite the pickle if you forget these and don’t have disposable plates and utensils to use. Sponges and dish soap are so cheap and easy to store. They are perfect to keep in the camper and you have no excuse to let the dirty camp dishes pile up. Just designate one or 2 people every night to wash dishes and have them rotate. Your small camper sink will never be full and it will save you time when packing up your rig later.

Dish Towels and Oven Mitts:

These are kind of in the same boat as the towels that I mentioned earlier. These towels will come in handy when doing anything in the kitchen ( like drying dishes, cleaning the counters, or wiping your hands while cooking). Having a few dish towels handy will also save you from using all of your paper towels. The oven mitts are also a must if you are planning on cooking because things can get hot and turn into a mess quickly if you don’t have something to properly handle them.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Make life a little easier for you. Keep these items in your camper at all times. When you get back home, do a quick towel and sheet wash, then immediately replace them. Life will be so much easier and you won’t have to have a single worry when camping with your family.

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