The 5 Most Stressful Things to Consider When Moving Into An RV

3 months ago, we packed up, sold everything, and moved into an RV. Life has changed. If you think moving is stressful try moving into a camper. Read along and see what the5 most stressful things for me were about this move. Whether you are just moving into a new house, moving to a new location, downsizing, or moving into an RV, this post can be helpful to prepare you for the worst.

Top 5 Go-To Budget Family Christmas Party Games

The holidays are upon us, Christmas is just two weeks away, and parties are around every corner. I love hosting parties and always find myself as the host of most of the holiday parties around here (which I have no problem with.) The only problem that I run into every year is what games to … Continue reading Top 5 Go-To Budget Family Christmas Party Games

5 mistakes I made at my Bob Ross Paint party.

For my birthday I had my sisters and some of my girl friends over to have a Bob Ross paint party. I had it complete with wine, halloween candy, pizza, and mimosas. I used Google to find which episode to use. There is a list of episodes by painting that has the picture of the … Continue reading 5 mistakes I made at my Bob Ross Paint party.

How to Throw a ‘Killer’ Murder Mystery Party

As you know, murder mystery parties are a favorite of ours. We love to throw them, but they take a ton of work & involvement. A murder mystery is not a party you want to throw last minute. You're first step when throwing a murder mystery is to make a guest list. Figure out how … Continue reading How to Throw a ‘Killer’ Murder Mystery Party

Fun, Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes

October is here & that means Halloween is right around the corner ! Planning Halloween costumes is a huge deal for me I love finding cute costumes every year & when Cody will dress up along with me, it makes it all the better! Today I am going to share some of my favorite costumes … Continue reading Fun, Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes

Favorite Fall Activities

I am sitting outside, on my balcony right now and it is 73 degrees in Louisiana.The cool wind is blowing and I swear that I can smell pumpkin everywhere that I turn! So with this cooler weather, I am going to set aside the travel blogs and the summer ideas and pickup some seasonal topics. … Continue reading Favorite Fall Activities