How to Plan a Last Minute Road Trip

It's no secret that Cody and I love to travel. We aim to go somewhere new each month. But, did you know that most of our trips are not long, thought-out trips? In fact, we usually leave within 2 weeks or deciding we want to go somewhere. Once a destination is in our brain, we … Continue reading How to Plan a Last Minute Road Trip

Our Favorite Camping Stories

Cody and I love to travel, but sometimes we can’t afford a big, elaborate trip to escape reality. Camping is one of our favorite low budget and most adventurous ways to travel. When you have little to no money to spend, you can run into some interesting things that make for great stories. In today’s … Continue reading Our Favorite Camping Stories

Our Latest Adventure: Alberta, Canada

Canada. Why Canada? This was a frequently asked question when I began to tell people where our (Cody and me) next big trip was. It was relevant. It is not a secret that I am not a fan of the cold. So, why Canada? Even more so, why Canada in January? It was mid November, … Continue reading Our Latest Adventure: Alberta, Canada