Blind Pizza Tasting. What Frozen Pizza Is The Best?

On July 1st, my husband turned 24. That Friday we celebrated by inviting some of his friends over for a small party and a blind frozen pizza taste test. In today’s post, I’m going to share how we did it, what the guys thought of each pizza, and what the end results were.

I bought five different brands of frozen pizza: Red Baron, Totinos, Freshetta, Great Value, and DiGiorno. I cooked all 5 pizzas (wrapping the ones that were cooked first in foil and placing them in a warming tray so they would stay hot.) When they were done we sat the guys down at the table and served them each a slice of the first pizza. They were not told what brands they would be eating before hand or while they were eating them. We served the guys one slice at a time and let them take their time tasting, commenting, and ranking the slice they ate. I asked them to rate it on a scale from 1-10 and wrote their numbers down. I got the final number for each pizza by adding up all of their responses . (For example one brand was rated 6,4,5 8,6. So I added 6+4+5+8+6=24 . So, 24 was the final score for that pizza.)

The first pizza that the guys were served was DiGiorno. The guys really liked it, but immediately guessed that it was DiGiorno. One guy said, ” I like the sauce, but it’s a little greasy.” Another said, ” I didn’t really like it, but it was worth eating. It was better than average.” The final score for DiGiorno was 24.

not my photo

We then moved on to Great Value. Cody has eaten a double stacked Great Value pizza and liked it, so I thought it would be interesting to toss into the mix. This one was not a fan favorite. “This dough looks like it was microwaved, not like it was put in an oven.”, one guy said. Another said, ” This tastes like you got cardboard and soaked it in pizza sauce.” “If there was a pizza made for dogs, this would be it. This is nasty.” , another guy commented. The over all score for Great value was 11.

not my photo

Next up on the tasting table was Red Baron. On a normal night this is our favorite frozen pizza to buy. Tonight, we saw that this pizza was average. (Cody claims it’s just because I cooked it wrong.) There weren’t many comments on this one. It wasn’t good or bad enough to get a comment out of the men. One guys said, ” This is better than the last one, but still disappointing.” The only other comment made said,”The first taste was terrible…but now it’s not bad.” The final score for Red Baron was a 21.

not my photo

Freshetta was the next brand to be tried. It had the most positive reviews. The guys thought they wouldn’t like it because it sounded “healthy” , but it took them by surprise. In the cooking process, the pizza did burn a little but that did not stop the positivity. “This is quality pizza.”, was one comment. Another said, ” This one has a more meaty taste to it.” The final score for Freshetta was 32.

not my photo

Next, we ate Totinos. Everyone knew what it was. It wasn’t truly in the competition, but we had to do it! Someone described it on point when they said, “It feels like we are trying to rate our childhood, not pizza.” Another said, “This tastes like Totinos, not pizza.” This one tied with our winner for number one with a high score of 32.

not my photo

So, the end results for ojr pizza contest were:

*insert drumroll*

First place : Freshetta with a score of 32/50.

Second place : Totinos (if you are counting it as a pizza) with a score of 32/50.

Third place: DiGiorno with a score of 24/50.

Fourth place : Red Baron with a score of 21/50.

5th place…the loser: Great Value with a score of 11/50.

This activity was so fun to work on and such an easy task to try at home. Thanks for reading along. If you have ever tried any of these pizzas, leave you opinion in the comments. And if this post inspired you to try a blind taste test at home make sure to let me know how it went ! Happy tasting!

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