Louisiana Wedding? Here’s My Vendors!

It’s still wedding month, so I thought that this week I would share my wedding vendors. All of my vendors were so great and my wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without them …and my family. If you are planning a wedding in Louisiana, please check these people out and support them !

Hair and makeup: My hair and makeup was done by Jessica Bergeron St.Angelo & she did a great job! She did take a while, but it was worth sitting there for that long. She was so nice and my hair and makeup turned out so great! I didn’t give her alot of direction for what I wanted, she just worked her magic and it turned out so good! You can find her on instagram @makemeprettyjess . My bridesmaids got their hair done by Brittany McCaa. She was so patient & authentic around everyone. And she did such great work! She can be found on instagram @locksbybritt

FLOWERS: We went to ‘Pretty-N-Pink’ florists for our flowers. It was all the way in Watson, but so worth it. Our florist was so kind. She helped me find flowers that looked similar to what I wanted but were within outer budget. & she helped Cody and I find cheaper solutions to things to help us make it affordable. The only flaw in this was that it was an hour away from our venue and they don’t deliver on Sundays. So, we had to get someone who lived near them to pick the flowers up.

Dresses: My dress was from David’s Bridal & I found it for under $500. All of my bridesmaids had different dresses & different shades of pink. They got their dresses from David’s Bridal, Lulu’s, and so many other odds and end places. I LOVED how it looked with all the different shades.

Suits: Cody’s suit came from Men’s Warehouse. His groomsmen found similar pants from Dillard’s for alot cheaper. Most of the groomsmen’s look was from Dillards. My brother, the ring bearer, got his suit from Amazon. It came with a blue plaid shirt, but we bought him a cheap white shirt to wear. We didn’t want to spend a tone of money on it, knowing that he was eight and would be growing out of it soon.

Photography: My engagement and wedding photography was done by Alyssa Fisher Photography. I met Ali at my job before the flood and she was actually the one that got me my job during my engagement. She is such a genuine person and does amazing photography. I am a super awkward person, but both Cody and I were so comfortable during our photoshoots. During our wedding, she was so understanding and worked around all of the obstacles that the day threw at us. She even offered to let me do another family portrait session for the wedding on a new day since our portraits were cut short after my sister’s seizure. I never took her up on this due to my busy schedule. But if you are in the Louisiana area, contact Ali for all of your photography needs. Check out her work on her Instagram @alyssafisherphotography

Videography: Our wedding video was done by one of our close friends, Andrew Benton. You can find him at Elevation Films. He had just graduated college about a month before our wedding, so he gave us the best pricing and we got the full package. We were pretty much his guinea pigs, but I didn’t mind. It was a great way to help a friend and to save money. He is now super popular in the area and usually spends every weekend at a wedding. He was so flexible with us the whole time and was so great to work with. (If I can, I will try to post part of our video on here soon.) He got it to us fast and it was so great! Check him out on instagram @elevation_films .

Catering and Wedding Cake: We got our food made by one of the amazing people at our church. We had jambalaya, salad, rolls, and a few other small items. We had an open bar that was catered by Buddy’s Bar and Grill. Our cake was made by the bakery at Carter’s supermarket. All of our food and service was so good. The one thing I did learn (at my own fault) is to have the cake cutter ready! And make sure your husband gets a slice of his groom’s cake! (LOL)

The Venue: We got married at The Berry Barn. The venue was absolutely stunning and spacious. They provided space for everyone to get ready and had a bed and breakfast nearby for our family to stay at. We also got to take our engagement photos here as well. The owner was so kind. My only real complaint is about the service of the wedding coordinators. You can read about this experience in my previous wedding post. On the other hand, I have heard a lot of great reviews about the service and the venue. Maybe it was because of the day I chose? I’m not sure. They can be found on instagram @theberrybarnla .

Music: we hired DJ Parish. He was super helpful. He sent me lists of song suggestions and asked me to send him a list of songs and a schedule. He picked some great songs and as far as I’ve heard, everyone loved the music. Check him out on instagram @dj_parish .

I think that completes my list of vendors. I hope this helped if you are planning your special day. Thanks for reading along!

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