Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is less than a week away. Want to know a secret? I STILL don’t have my father’s day gift for my dad or father-in-law. This seems to be my circumstances every year. Every year I either do a D-I-Y gift or a budget friendly one. (Our dads are so hard to shop for.) So, in today’s post, I am going to list out a few cute ideas that I have done before or might be doing this year.

Bacon Roses- Okay, so I did this for a valentine’s gift for Cody one year, but it could be a cute Father’s Day gift. It is super easy and inexpensive. Let me walk you through the process. What you will need: A cheap/cute vase, bacon,a muffin pan, and fake roses. Once you have all your materials, you will roll up each piece of bacon like a rose and put it in the muffin pan.Follow the oven instruction for your bacon. when it’s done and the bacon has cooled, tear the roses off of the stems, place the stems in the vase, and place the bacon on the stems where the roses had been. TADA!

*Not my picture*

Mug- This is for the coffee drinking dads. It works best if you have a cricut. You can really do all sorts of cool gifts with a cricut. Just use the app to create your design. (Personalizing it is even better) Then, using transfer tape, transfer the vinyl to the mug. Such a fun and easy gift. (And it costs next to nothing if you already have a blank mug and extra vinyl laying around)

* Not my picture*

Three Jerks Jerky- This gift is a small, cheap, and cute little gift to say, “I’m thinking of you.” I don’t know any dad that doesn’t like beef jerky. This stuff isn’t normal jerky, though. It’s made from filet mignon. It comes in a few different flavors and runs about $10 a bag. The year we did this gift, I made a cute ‘steak themed’ card to pair with the bag that we gave each of our dads.

*Not my picture*

Themed basket- This one is really good for a hard to shop for dad. You can buy a bunch of small, inexpensive items and throw them in a cute basket. It is also a really good way to personalize your fathers day gift on a budget. One year we did a grill theme. We put a grill kit, some seasonings, and a card together and it turned out so cute. I also did something similar for my dad a few years ago with kitchen items. I got him a new K-cup carossel, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and some oven mitts and threw them in a basket. He loved it and it was all items that he needed. (sweet and practical) You know your dad better than anyone else pretty much. Get creative, grab a few items that he likes, I promise he will love it.

*not my picture*

Custom shirt- I did this for Christmas, but it would be a really cute fathers day gift too. I went to Big Frog in Hammond to get my custom shirt made. My dad loves star wars so, I got them to make me a shirt with Darth Vador on it that said “I am their father”. You could do anything you want though. Think of your dad’s favorite show, think of a cute dad pun, or your dad’s favorite dad joke…something that he would want to have on a shirt. Then go to your local t-shirt company and have it made. (A cute idea that your dad will love and you will also be supporting a local business.) If you are in the Louisiana area, I highly recommend Big Frog. The service is great and the turn around time is so quick…almost instant if they have the style shirt you want in stock. Check out some of their work and policies on Instagram. @bigfroghammond

*Not my picture*

I hope these ideas sparked some creativity in you for a great gift for your dad. Thanks for reading along and good luck! (Especially if you procrastinate as much as me !)

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