5 Fun Ways to Spend your Summer in Louisiana

Summer time is right around the corner. If you are in Louisiana, you may be dreaming of a beach somewhere or hiking with a beautiful view. Sadly, all of the places that first come to mind for those activities are so far away that you have to make a big trip out of it. Most families take one big trip over the summer. I think we can all agree that Louisiana is not the first place on peoples mind when they think “vacation”. Here are 5 things you can do and places you can go in Louisiana this summer!

1.Fontainebleau State Park

This state park is one of our favorite places to visit in Louisiana. If you are from out of town or out of state and want to spend more than one day at the park, they have tent an RV spots and cabins you can rent out. Living in Tangipahoa parish, we spent most of our summers here. There is a beach along Lake Pontchatrain that is the perfect place to hangout and get that beach experience without having to drive all the way there. There are also walking trails and playgrounds if you are looking for multiple ways to have fun during your time here.

If you get hungry, there are tons of great restaurants nearby. You can grab breakfast or a snack at Cafe Du Monde or you can grab a burger from Steak N’ Shake. One of our favorite things to do if we stay here for the weekend is visiting the town of Abita Springs. On Saturdays you can tour the Abita Brewery and grab a bite to eat at one of Abita’s local restaurants and on Sundays you can stroll through the Farmers market.

2.New Orleans

Everyone thinks of New Orleans when they think of Louisiana. Surprisingly New Orleans isn’t my favorite place to be, but it still has some pretty great things to do during the summer and if you are from out of town, it is a pretty great town to go see. The culture here is amazing, but (probably because it’s a big city) it is smelly and crowded.

Some things you can do with the whole family in New Orleans this summer are: visit the Audubon zoo, stroll through the French market, or go check out the Aquarium. There are also plenty of things to do in New Orleans if you are looking for more of an adult trip. You can go to a cooking class, spend the evening on a dinner cruise, or go check out some of New Orleans’ nicest wine bars.

3.Cypremort Point State Park

Beaches in Louisiana aren’t really a thing. Cypermort Point is one of Louisiana’s only beaches. Don’t expect clean water, but the sand and area around is is beautiful. It’s the perfect place to do an evening picnic, let the kids dig up sea shells, and even take some beach scene photos without driving all the way to an actual beach. It costs $3 a person to get it, but if you are from nearby and just want some pretty scenery for a day or 2, this is a great place to visit.

4.Tunica Hills/Clark Creek

Tunica Hills is one of the best places to hike in the summer. If you live in the south, you know that hiking is pretty much impossible with our summer heat. Luckily Tunica has a trail that goes straight through some streams and water falls. This keeps you nice and cool while you endure the Louisiana Summer Heat. There are also multiple swimming holes along the way to stop and take a refreshing dip in the water.

5.Louisiana Watermelon Festival

Watermelons are so refreshing in the summer time, which makes this festival so perfect. The festival is held in Farmville, Louisiana and is the perfect activity to fill your hot summer day. You can fill your day with fun for the whole family. The watermelon festival in packed with activities such as: watermelon eating contest, tennis tournament, arm wrestling matches, bike racing, seed spitting, and so much more. Get a hotel or Air BNB and make a family weekend out of it. The festival is held annually the last weekend of July, but be sure to check in online incase the date gets moved due to restrictions.

Though it can sometimes be hard to see past the Louisiana summer heat and humidity, Louisiana is packed with fun stuff to do over the summer. There are so many more activities than the ones I listed, but I hope this list pulls you out of your funk and helps you find a fun adventure this summer.

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