Silverton, Colorado

So, on my last post, I talked all about my road trip to Colorado. Well, once we arrived in Colorado, we stayed for about a week. We did not have an Airbnb booked or any kind of itinerary planned. (which is very out of my comfort zone)It was more of a spontaneous “what are we gonna do now?” kind of trip. Which, I am happy about because it led us to some pretty great places. In today’s post I’ll be sharing about the many places that we stayed, what we did in Silverton, and the (very few) places we went out to eat.

Like I said, we did not have anywhere lined up to stay, so we stayed in so many different, interesting places. You can read about the two nights that we went camping in Big Molas lake on my camping blog post. Both nights made my top 9 camping stories!

On this trip, we experienced our first stay in a hostel. We had never even heard of one before. We stayed at The Blair Street Hostel and to my surprise, it was actually a good experience. When we got there, the owner gave us a tour. She showed us where the kitchen, the bathroom, and our bedroom were. We were blessed enough to have our own bedroom. The only negative thing I will say about our experience was that we had to share a bathroom (including shower) with the rest of the guests and there was a shower curfew that we had to follow. (No showers after 10 p.m.)

Our next stay was in the Avon Hotel. This hotel was an old miner’s hotel and bar from old Silverton…back when the town was ran by gold miners. The new owners had just bought it and were refurbishing it. It was still under construction when we stayed… but we could tell that one day it was going to be on the must-stay list in Silverton. There was a full bar and restaurant on the main floor and a small library in the upstairs foyer. From my experience and the look of the photos on google now, I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Silverton, Colorado.

The last place we stayed during this trip is a small motel. It was the end of our trip and we needed somewhere small and cheap… and nothing is wrong with a little motel. The prospector motel was small and quaint, and the owner was so kind. We sat in his office when we were checking out and he was talking to us about so many things and the whole time he had such a big smile on his face.

During our trip we mostly walked around the town window shopping and rode ATV’s up the maintain trails. On one of our ATV rides we nearly fell off of a mountain. We tried to go up a steep incline on a mountain trail and some of the other vehicles infront of us began to slow. My dad was right in front of us and knew that he was not going to make it up unless he came back down. So, he yelled for us to back up and get out of the way before his brakes slipped. We began to go backward very carefully. We had a mountain and large rocks on one side of us and a cliff that was at least a 30 foot drop on the other side. Cody steered toward the side with the rocks, but our vehicle hit a rock at just the right angle and we were thrown off. I laid there with a 4-wheeler on top of me while my dad was still yelling and the only thing I thought was, “I guess I’ll just lay here. I can’t get up. Either he will run me over or someone will lift this bike off of me. We will just have to wait and see.” Obviously, someone got the bike off of me and everything was okay, but I know it could have been a lot worse.

On the days that we weren’t doing those things, we were off having our own little adventures. One of those adventures was going to see a ghost town. It is straight through the town and up the mountain. It was almost a two-hour trip from where we were staying, but it was a pretty cool thing to witness. We saw old homes and buildings (like an old jail). They were surrounded by meadows full of flowers and the greenest grass. We stayed for a little while before we had to hit the road to try to beat a rainstorm. We did not beat it… instead I learned a quick lesson about why I should always be carrying rain gear with me in Colorado in July. Rain and hail poured down on us while we were exposed on a four-wheeler. By the time we made it back to my family’s Airbnb our toes were blue and our bodies were feeling pretty stiff.

Part of the Ghost Town That We Found

We also experienced a mining tour. We toured the inside of a mountain and got to see antique mining gear and hear stories about a miner’s work day and how they would get the gold. It was a really interesting tour that I would highly recommend to anyone that loves history and nature.

The Old Hundred Mining Tour

We mainly ate with my family during this trip or ate some of our road trip food, but we did occasionally go out to eat. The first stop was at Handlebars food and saloon. We stopped here on our first day in town for dinner and it was right up our alley. Everyone in there seemed to be locals, so they kind of looked at us weird, but the food was amazing.

Our next stop was at the avalanche brewing company because we needed pizza and heard they had the best around. What we heard was not a lie. The pizza was amazing, and the restaurant had the perfect small-town feel. It even had a spot to sit outside with your pup!

 The only other place that we ate was the Coffee Bear. It was exactly what I needed to get my coffee fix and if you like italian cream sodas (which is my favorite!) , they have a very extensive Italian cream soda menu.

So, this pretty much sums up our trip to Colorado. It was such a fun, laid back trip and we got to spend time with our family. If you are ever traveling through Colorado, make sure to stop in the sweet little town of Silverton. Thank you so much for reading along with me and I cannot wait until the day that I can go on more trips and share more stories!

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